What is a medium?

A medium is a person who has the ability to communicate with the departed. They believe in both a physical world—where we are—and a spirit world—to which souls transition. When they contact the spirit world, a medium's goal is to relay messages and information from that world to ours. These messages are meant, perhaps, to give a loved one closure or support. They may also relay very specific information that can only make sense to the person at the receiving end. Contrary to what many may think, mediums do not give predictions. Neither do they perform readings to analyse a person's career, financial standing, or relationships. Those are tasks for a psychic. However, it has been established that all mediums are psychics, though not all psychics have the capabilities of mediums. By communicating with spirits, mediums can, inadvertently, also ease the fear of transitioning after life.

How do mediums work?

A study done by Windbridge Research Center in Arizona, US, concluded that genuine mediums are, in fact, able to communicate with the deceased. Medium subjects were placed in a controlled laboratory environment for the study, and then asked to do readings over the phone. With the data gathered, and considering they did the readings "blind to all other information," the study concluded that "a nonlocal source remains the most likely explanation for the mediums' statements." So then, the question remains: how do they work? Mediums use different techniques, apart from their gift, to communicate with souls not on our plane. Some act as a vessel for souls, preferring to undergo possession. Many others rely on their empathetic abilities. They tap on their ability to share the feelings and experiences of souls on both sides of the realm.

What can you expect from a session?

Each medium has their own way of reaching out. Some communicate with the other side with just you and them in the room. Others prefer to do it in "spirit circles," where they relay information from the other side at random to a big group of people gathered in a room. Still, others like to do their communicating over the phone with you. Before their "interaction" begins, the medium may ask you for a photo of the deceased you would like to contact, or even just an object once owned by the departed. Expect to receive guidance or clarity in one form or another. The important thing is to keep an open mind, without judgement and fixed expectations.

Which conditions can a medium help ease?

  • Anger

  • Grief

A medium can also help improve mindset, foster personal development, raise self confidence, and enhance spiritual connection.


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