30 Natural Ways to Uplift Depression

Natural ways to ease depression

At one time or another, we probably have all suffered from a bout of depression. In Australia, on average, around 1 million adults suffer from depression every year. Whether it lasts a day, a week, a month, or a year, the impact of depression on your life can be substantial. This is why it is a good idea to know some natural remedies for depression.

There are many natural ways to uplift depression. Some methods simply focus on your physiological senses and environment. Others focus on mental training. All 30 of the natural remedies for depression mentioned below are easy to employ, accessible, and safe.

As you read through the list, consider which natural remedies resonate with you the most. Which can you visualise working well for you? It's often easiest to start in your comfort zone and expand from there, rather than diving into a technique that feels awkward or one for which you hold reservations.

However, the more natural remedies listed that you try, the greater your chances of finding one or a few that benefit you the most. That raises the chances of you naturally uplifting your depression and going toward a more fulfilling life. 

Short-term techniques

  1. Smell citrus.
  2. Pat a gentle animal.
  3. Go for a walk in nature. (Then relax your feet using a foot massager.)
  4. Listen to nature sounds.
  5. Get some sunshine.
  6. Air out your living space.
  7. Make your bed.
  8. Invest in houseplants.
  9. Read inspirational quotes.
  10. Breathe deeply.
  11. Take a long bath.
  12. Surround yourself with uplifting colours, like orange or yellow.
  13. List your life goals.
  14. Remove electronics from your sleeping area.
  15. Do something special for someone you love.

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Long-term techniques

  1. Try acupuncture.
  2. Start a journal.
  3. Join a group fitness class.
  4. Learn a new language.
  5. Consider a career change.
  6. Find a cause to support.
  7. Believe in positive affirmations.
  8. Meditate.
  9. Do yoga.
  10. Practice self-myofascial release.
  11. Make a healthy diet plan, and stick to it.
  12. Treat any underlying medical issues. 
  13. See a nutritionist or dietitian.
  14. Start an exercise program.
  15. Avoid downers like alcohol.

If you notice, both short-term and long-term natural techniques are listed. Both are valuable, after all.

Short-term techniques are particularly helpful during your worst depressive moments. Many of these natural approaches rely on changing your immediate environment. By doing this, you allow your environment to positively influence your physiology. 

In contrast, long-term techniques may offer little in the way of immediate uplifting. But over time, they can produce a greater and longer lasting buffer against depression. These natural techniques tend to focus on your internal environment. They hone your thoughts. Additionally, through exercise, particularly, they stimulate nutrient flow and direct the nutrients you gain from diet. These approaches require more dedication.

For best results, try doing a short-term activity with a long-term one. For example, if you decide to meditate, do it in the morning in a patch of direct, soft sunlight. 

Natural remedies for depression, like the ones listed here, are gentle on the body. Even better, they do more than ease depression. They can help you reach holistic health and happiness. 

If your depression puts you in immediate danger, please call Lifeline: 13 11 14

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