4 Easy Ways to Use Crystals for Healing

4 ways to use crystals for healing

Crystals are part of what you would call a win-win self-care strategy. They're natural, they work in harmony with the body, and, of course, these little gems look beautiful in your home or workplace. 

In fact, crystals have been used for healing in one way or another since 4000 BCE. Ancient Egyptians used peridot and topaz to fight night terrors. Ancient Greeks wore amethyst amulets to ease the effects of hangovers. Greek soldiers rubbed hematite all over their body before going into war, as they believed it would make them invincible. And for over 1,000 years, jade has been used to heal kidney ailments in China and South America. 

What is it about these gems that makes them so powerful? Crystals are made of fossilised resins and stones, crystalised over thousands of years. Because of this, they give off deep levels of vibrational earth energy.

Many would believe they're magical stones to wish on for love, money or other things to miraculously appear. But that's not how they work. Crystals are tools for us to work with. 

Each crystal has it own unique vibration. Since humans are made of vibrating atoms, it's just natural for us to adapt and attune to the crystals' vibrations. It's much like syncing your phone with your wireless headphones. We, too, can connect and work together in harmony. 

To maximise the healing energies of these amazing natural wonders, here are some ways to connect with your crystals. 

Wear them on your skin

There's a method to wearing your crystals. One way to amplify their effects is to keep them in a pocket near a chakra point (i.e., an energy point in your body) or right next to your skin as jewelry. 

You also need to pick specific crystals to match your needs. If you're trying to bring more love into your life (or give out more love), wear a rose quartz necklace just above your heart. A rose quartz has the ability to attract love and inner peace. 

Similarly, if you'd like to be able to express yourself and communicate better, wear a crystal in the area of the throat chakra. An aquamarine stone at the base of the neck can help you find the words you need for that next work presentation. 

Rings and bracelets are also great ways to wear crystals on their own or in a combination to boost their benefits. A ring with clear quartz, for example, can help strengthen your immune system.

Pro tip: Place crystals next to your pulse points to get the most healing out of them. This 14-piece crystal box set can get you going.

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Place them around your house

We now know that crystals are excellent channels of energy. That makes them the perfect "tools" for feng shui, a 6,000-year-old Chinese practice (and a popular one in the Western world). 

Feng shui uses crystals to create good energy in all corners of your home. As they overflow with powerful vibrations, they're exactly what feng shui practitioners use to unblock any energy bottlenecks in your home. 

To usher in energy that attracts love and partnership, place two pieces of rose quartz on your nightstand. 

If not love, would you be interested in attracting wealth and prosperity? According to feng shui, there's a wealth corner in every room, house, building, even yard. Your own wealth corner is in the back left corner of any room.

In feng shui, purple is the colour associated with wealth. So dress up your wealth corner with purple amethyst crystals to restore balance in your life. (Try these amethyst stress relievers.) Add citrine to attract prosperity, and green aventurine for luck and optimism. 

Pro tip: Find the wealth corner in your home. Are you attracting clutter, resistance and energy blocks, or are you drawing in free-flowing abundance? Is your wealth corner a true reflection of your current life? Address it now. 

Hold crystals during meditation

When you hold a crystal while meditating, it helps amplify your experience and spiritual connection. The crystal's vibrations are the perfect conduit so that you can focus your energies better.

Relax, breathe, and look inward. Connect to the crystal's vibrations. Be open to any sensations the crystal may bring you; it may be in the form of visions, vibrations, or thoughts. 

Pro tip: Remember that you are working with powerful energies. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, start with a 20-minute meditation and work up from there. 

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Use crystal-infused therapies

Many therapies use crystals as part of their practice with other techniques. But there are some that are specifically focused on crystal healing. These therapies use crystals to not only give off vibrations, but also to absorb and redirect negative energy trapped in the body.

Crystal light bed therapy is one of them. In this therapy, you lie in a bed under a chromotherapy machine that projects light filtered through crystals. Each crystal produces a spectrum of light in a specific colour; and each colour targets a specific energy centre in your body. For at least an hour, the crystals project their energies onto your body, clearing anything blocking your Qi, or life force.

Another therapy that uses the energy of crystals for healing is crystal therapy. Crystals are placed on the body on areas of pain, on the acupuncture points (also known as meridians) or on the body's energy centres, known as chakras. This promotes deep relaxation, releases stress and pain, and balances the entire energy body.

Pro tip: To truly harness the amazing effects of crystals, work with a practitioner and see the benefits for yourself. 

For thousands of years, ancient civilisations have revered crystals for their wonderful healing benefits, and today's modern-day practitioners are saying the same. Although more research needs to be done on the benefits of crystals, it seems they are here to stay. Why not try crystal healing and see how it can help you?

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