How can Art Therapy Help Children?

art therapy for children

Art and healing go hand-in hand. Many people try to hide their pain and troubles. However, give them a brush and some paint, and, with a bit of prodding, their feelings burst onto their canvases. Alternatively, art therapy also includes dancing, acting out skits, and writing stories. Children, especially, thrive with art therapy.

Although art therapy is a relatively new concept in treatment, the patients who have used it have shown significant progress. It can be particularly helpful for many children dealing with specific issues.

Grieving children

Children who are dealing with the death of a loved one sometimes have trouble expressing their grief. Art can allow them to go through the complicated grief process.

Children with learning disabilities

Art therapy can help with children who struggle to learn. It helps them with creativity and gives them alternative ways to learn. This teaches them coping skills and helps them focus their thoughts when attending their other classes.

Children with anxiety and depression

Doing art gives children who suffer from anxiety and depression something to do while they hide away from people. Art provides them with a safe space where they can release suppressed emotions.

Children who have been physically or sexually abused

Children who have to deal with the (undeserved) shame of physical or sexual abuse need a place where they can express themselves freely without guilt or recrimination.

Children with mental health problems

Children with mental health issues often thrive using art therapy. They are often unable to articulate their feelings. But with art therapy, they get the freedom of creativity, helping them see themselves and the world differently. 

Art therapy can give children new ways to open up their mind and emotions, and build their cognitive and problem-solving skills. With art therapy, children learn how to regulate their emotions, believe in themselves more, and become more self-aware. 

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