How to Clear Negative Energy from your Home

A half-burned smudge stick on a clay bowl

In all creation, humans are the only ones who can disrupt, albeit unintentionally, the earth’s harmony. When they disturb the energy balance, they interrupt the natural and smooth flow of life. This in turn creates “stuck” energy in our living environment,  leading to subtle and yet impactful affects on our daily life and wellbeing.

Fortunately, as people have the power to create these disturbances, we also have the ability to do something about them so that balance is restored. If you find that the aura in your home is a little dim, here are 3 easy ways you can rebalance that energy.


A sacred tradition, the practice of smudging was begun by Indigenous Peoples as part of their cleansing and healing rituals for those with ailments. Although colonisation clamped down on many of these practices, smudging is still being used to this day.

It involves burning a smudge stick, which is a bundle of aromatic and medicinal herbs tied together with twine or cotton string, and guiding the sacred smoke toward whatever, or whomever, needs cleansing. The common choices for the foraged herbs you can burn are sage, cedar, and lavender. These are associated with purity and cleansing.

How to use a smudge stick:

Begin at the front door. Make sure to open your windows so that any negative energy can flow out.

Light your smudge stick from a lit candle then move mindfully through your home, walking clockwise. (Keep the lit candle nearby to easily relight the smudge stick during the smudging ceremony.)

Holding the smudge stick over a small clay bowl (to catch any ashes), guide the smoke toward the areas that you believe need healing and cleansing; pay special attention to dark corners.

If you are comfortable doing it, recite your prayer or mantra aloud as you reach every area in your home. (One example is the Tibetan Buddhist mantra of compassion: “Om mani padme hum.”)

As the smoke envelops you and your space, your wishes and prayers rise with it. The smoke connects you and your home with the universe.

When the ceremony is done, extinguish the smudge stick into your clay bowl or a bowl of sand.

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Feng Shui

Literally meaning “wind and water,” Feng shui traces its roots back to early Taoism, whose philosophy follows the way of nature. In the same perspective, the goal of Feng shui is to arrange objects so that they all create harmony and balance with nature.

This practice originated in ancient China. Although the Western World initially viewed Feng shui as superstitious and irrational, studies since the 1960s have largely established it as a legitimate aspect of traditional culture.

To re-energise your home, Feng shui seeks to improve the flow of Qi, or life energy. Qi has to be able to move freely through your home, just as outside, wind and water can’t be blocked.

How to improve Feng Shui:

Begin with the openings to your home: the doors and windows. Keep these clean and uncluttered. Clear, clean spaces allow balanced energy and lots of natural light to freely flow through your home.

Next, make sure your bed is in the centre of your room so that there is easy movement of good energy all around it.

Fresh indoor plants not only make any space attractive; these can also rejuvenate the energy in a room. Two kinds of plants are particularly known to combat negative energy and bring about peace: aloe vera and bamboo.

Finally, if you have crystals, display them in strategic spots throughout your home. (Use the bagua, or the Feng shui energy map as a guide.) Turquoise, rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, jade, tiger eye, and lapis lazuli are some crystals that attract good energy.

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Clutter doesn’t just look physically messy; it also takes up precious mental and emotional space. So clean out your home of things that no longer serve you. A good spring clean does wonders for your soul and is great at getting rid of old vibes and stuck energy.

Are there any broken things in your house? Repair, replace, or throw them away. Without these unnecessary objects, negative energy won’t have a place to accumulate.

Rebalancing the energy in your home isn’t a complicated process. These three methods, if done with an open mind, can really do wonders to open it up to greater flow, and more abundance. Give it a go, and see what transpires!

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