How to Lose Weight Safely Using Any of These 5 Essential Oils

How to lose weight using essential oils

When you are looking for safe ways to lose weight, you may not initially consider using essential oils. But aromatherapy practitioners assert that essential oil use can have a positive impact on your diet and exercise efforts. Essential oils can reduce cravings, raise your metabolism, banish water retention and even alleviate stress associated with losing weight. 

Here are the top five essential oils for helping you lose weight safely. 

Grapefruit oil

Grapefruit oil contains the chemical d-Limonene. This helps release fatty acids into your bloodstream. Your body then breaks them down and uses them for energy. Aside from d-Limonene, grapefruit oil also contains vitamin C. The vitamin helps rid your body of toxins, stimulate your metabolism and burn fat. this, then, reduces water weight and melts away stored fat.

Peppermint oil

In decades past, people would use peppermint candies to help banish cravings associated with losing weight. Unfortunately, this is not always an effective way to quell the urge to eat. After all, most peppermint candies are packed full of sugar. However, adding peppermint oil to your glass of water or tea is a tasty way to reduce your cravings without the added sugar.

Lemon oil

Like grapefruit oil, lemon oil has d-Limonene. It also contains various minerals that can help you treat intestinal parasites that often go undetected. These parasites can cause sudden weight gain and even make it hard for you to lose weight.

Combat these parasites by adding a drop of lemon essential oil to your glass of fresh water each morning. This can help clear your digestive tract of parasites and toxins that might be causing you to hold onto excessive weight. 

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Cinnamon bark oil

Cinnamon is known to help create a feeling of satisfaction after eating. It may not directly help you to rapidly lose weight. But it's a great way to keep you from gaining excess weight. Cinnamon helps your body slow down sugar absorption during digestion. This, in turn, helps you maintain healthier blood sugar levels. That's vital after you indulge in a dessert or a meal that is not truly diet-friendly.

The best way to reap the benefits of cinnamon bark oil is by running one or two drops in an essential oil diffuser around meal times. If you are eating out, you can achieve similar results by inhaling the aroma directly from the bottle before and after your meal.

Sandalwood oil

Sandalwood has been said to effectively reduce mood swings that can cause emotional eating. It helps you overcome negative behaviour and feelings that may cause you to develop an unhealthy relationship with food, which can lead you to overeat.

There are three ways to use sandalwood oil. First, you can run the oil through a diffuser. Second, you can apply it directly on your stomach. Third, you can drink a glass of milk and honey mixed with sandalwood oil.

To begin your journey into aromatherapy, you'll need a reliable and smart essential oil diffuser. There's one that can run for 6 to 10 hours, and can even work as a nightlight. Another is remote-controlled and has multiple mist nebuliser modes. A stylish third—the Tibetan Aromatherapy Diffuser— atomises the water and oil into a fine mist using ultrasonic atomisation technology.

One important thing to remember when using essential oils for weight loss is that you may be more successful when you rotate the oils you use daily. Just like any medicine, overuse of the same essential oil can cause you to become almost immune to its effects. If you switch the oils you use regularly, and add a healthy diet and exercise to your routine, you can successfully increase your odds of achieving a healthy weight.

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