What is Manifesting? (And How Can it Change Your Life?)

Manifesting helps you organically change your life for the better

Have you just begun to practice the Law of Attraction? You may find that you are attracting the very thing you wanted to avoid. Job losses, poverty, ill health, a spoiled relationship and other negative events often manifest even when you affirm the opposite. Often, what happens subconsciously is that instead of focusing on the intended result, you might actually obsess on what you don't want. And in doing so, you magnify the problem and cement this as part of your reality. 

So how do you become more successful at manifesting?

Focus on your goal

The father of New Thought, Emmet Fox, stated that focusing on the circumstances you want to change gives you power over those circumstances. This makes change more difficult. Say, you want a new job that pays much more than your current one. You need to visualise what that would look like. What would you do with the extra money, for example? What would your life be like if you had a job you actually liked?

Too many people think of the opposite. They meditate on how much they hate their current job and how awful their colleagues are. Inevitably, they end their meditation session feeling anxious, angry, and frustrated. This creates the illusion that the hated old job has more power over them than their desire or ability to attract a better one. 

Change your perspective

How do you change your perspective toward a negative situation and begin to escape from its power? Fox suggests starting with a powerful affirmation or declaration. Make sure it emphasises how much greater the Source of good is than the source of problems. Say this, for example: "The Universe (or God) is the source of inner peace. The Universe is greater than any problems I face." 

Saying this changes your perspective. From magnifying a problem, it now magnifies the solution. It's this subtle shift in focus that will make you more successful at manifesting your heart's desires. 

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Visualise your problem disappearing

A second technique involves visualising physically removing the problem and leaving it behind. You could visualise being in a hot air balloon, for example. Load the problem into a burlap bag and throw it overboard. Then imagine the balloon rise and float toward a new horizon. 

Another visualisation technique involves putting your problem on a conveyor belt. Pull a lever to put the belt in reverse. Then watch the problem go backwards away from you. See it eventually drop over the edge and out of sight. Then visualise yourself boarding another conveyor. Let it easily and effortlessly move you forward toward your goal. During this visualisation, your goal gets larger and larger as the problem or obstacle becomes smaller and smaller. 

Refocus on the opportunity instead of dwelling on the problem. This speeds up manifesting. Teach yourself to see that the relative size of the problem is smaller than your power to attract solutions and create positive changes. Once you believe this, then the universe will easily make answers and resources available to you. 

The mind is a very powerful thing. Unleash yours as you practice manifesting. 

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