Why growing your own veggies can change your whole life

Growing your own vegetables

Did you know that inhaling the healthy bacteria that lives in soil can actually make you happier? It’s true! There are bacterium in soil that makes an anti-inflammatory fatty acid. Regularly touching this bacterium and inhaling it can help keep your stress levels down.

That alone confirms that growing vegetables in your own backyard (or kitchen counter) may be one of the healthiest things you can do for your mind, body, and soul.

But that’s not the only reason to get growing. Let us give you more reasons why growing your own veggies can literally change your life:

MIND: Vegetable gardening boosts a healthy mind.

Being busy with your garden keeps your mind active.

There are many elements to consider when planting vegetables, even if your “garden” is on a balcony or on the kitchen countertop: location, the type of veggies (or herbs) to plant, the kind of soil to use, the frequency of watering, weeding, and fertilising, etc. Tending to a garden keeps your mind adapting and learning so that you can care for these living organisms.

Growing plants gives you purpose.

Veggies need daily watering, and having a reason to get up in the morning is vital for robust mental health. It’s a win-win. You take care of the plants, and they will take care of you. 

Tending seedlings boosts your self esteem and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

When you’re in charge of something important—such as keeping plants alive—you start feeling good about yourself. It’s especially uplifting when you see the results of your commitment popping up through the soil.

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BODY: Growing veggies keeps your body healthy.

Farm-to-table food is better nutrition.

A farm-to-table approach to eating isn’t just for the hipsters. This organic lifestyle came about long before the first salad was deconstructed on a brick in a restaurant. Eating in-season, ripe, local produce is instinctively what your body needs. This is because the foods that are grown and consumed during their appropriate seasons have been proven to be more nutritionally dense.

Pesticides are harmful to your body

Pesticides have been linked to cancer, autism, parkinsons, adhd and many auto immune diseases. By growing your own veggies, you’re empowered to control what goes into your body. You can be sure that the food you produce is high in nutrients and has no nasty pesticides. Most supermarket produce is grown for a high yield rather than nutritional value, and may be coated with pesticide residue. So if you do buy it, make sure you wash it thoroughly.  

An organic diet is nutritionally superior to fast food since it is chemical-free. The DNA of food grown in an organic farm—i.e., your home—is not altered, keeping all its nutrition intact. Even better, you know that every vegetable you eat that’s grown in your home garden is fresh. Your veggie garden is your gateway to a healthy organic diet. Besides, it just tastes better knowing that you grew your food yourself.

Working in your garden strengthens your body.

Being active in your garden doesn’t just burn calories; it also boosts your cardiovascular health. Increased amounts of oxygen flow to all the cells in your body while bending, lifting, stretching, squatting – it’s a fantastic way to get a full body work-out. 

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SOUL: Gardening can soothe your inner voice. 

Working with plants is one of the best forms of therapy.

Your garden can be your sanctuary. In the garden, you need to be present and connected with nature and your environment. By doing this, you remind yourself that you are “one” with your surroundings, not separate. It can bring a sense of peace to know you are part of a much bigger universe. Knowing this, can give everyday life problems a whole new perspective, given time to think, reflect and resolve in a calming environment.

Soil grounds your chakras.

Everything in the universe radiates energy. This energy flows in and out of your body’s chakra system.

By working with nature, you ground yourself to all the elements, especially to the energy emanating from the earth. Being grounded and connected to the earth improves your rational thinking, and choice making. It stops you from being flighty and erratic. It literally keeps your soul connected to the earth.  

The sun makes you happy – fact!

Exposure to the sun releases serotonin—the “happy” hormone—into your body.  This feel-good hormone is triggered when sunlight goes through your eyes. Studies say that regular sun exposure (for at least 15 minutes daily) helps stave off symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. It’s especially effective when done in combination with other treatments. 

You may have started growing your own veggies to reduce your shopping bill. But there is so much more to benefit from growing your own vegetables: from the time you spend digging your fingers into the rich earth, to picking the first crop of the season, to cooking and feeding it to your family. It’s more than a veggie patch, it is the key to a healthy, harmonious, and peaceful life.

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