Britany’s bringing Holistic Health to the gym

September 21, 2020

Meet Britany Dovenor, who’s bringing a new approach to health and fitness. Britany’s a Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer on a mission to empower anyone, anywhere to live a sustainable healthy life. To Britany, this means a life of happiness, energy and purpose. It’s her enthusiasm for not just living a physically healthy life, but living joyfully, that’s evident in her bubbly personality and her big smile. “I believe good health is more than what we eat and how we move”, says Britany. 

Not only is she empowering her clients, she’s also reaching a whole new audience as the host of The Zesty Life podcast. Britany and a range of expert guests, discuss topics such as nutrition and workouts, to stress and spirituality. The aim of The Zesty Life podcast is to give her listeners the skills and knowledge to feel more confident, energetic and strong, so they can create their own Zesty Life.

In this interview we got to know more about Britany and the great work she’s doing to create real lifestyle changes for her clients, as well as sharing her message of health and wellbeing.


Britany, what do you love about being a Holistic Health Coach?

I love having the opportunity to change the way my clients and community think about health. For a long time, the main focus of health has been visually centred, altering diet and exercise practices to look a particular way. I believe ‘being healthy’ is not a look but a feeling which encompasses so much more than those two aspects. Along my own health and wellness journey I have learnt the importance of self-care, relationships, career, community, and purpose. I love being able to expand the conversation of health to include these aspects as well as others to help my clients find a sustainable level of health that empowers them to live a happy and vibrant life each and every day.


How does Holistic Health work?

Holistic health is an approach to life. Rather than focusing on specific symptoms or problem areas, holistic health practices look at the whole individual and how they interact with their environment. By approaching health in this way, the root cause of a health issue can be solved as appose to only treating symptoms as they arise. 

As a Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer the main health concerns I see are; weight loss, sleeping issues, stress related concerns, fatigue, metabolic damage and support needed to make dietary changes. Using my approach to Holistic Health I empower my clients to work with their bodies and environment to balance their health concerns. This approach gives them the ability to check in with themselves and understand what they need long after we have worked together.


How has COVID-19 impacted your clients and your business?

While the COVID-19 outbreak has been terrible, I think this has highlighted that mental health and stress are huge components of overall health. Over the last few months I have seen my community and clients becoming more open to these other aspects of health. This allows me to more freely discuss aspects of health that may be contributing to imbalances and ill health that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. 

I am very lucky, the COVID-19 outbreak has not impacted my business negatively as I am able to hold many appointments online.


How do you think alternative therapies are received by the wider community?

I believe overtime alternative therapies are becoming more and more accepted and respected. While we still need traditional medicine and treatment I can see that there are many people benefiting from alternative and holistic practices. I believe alternative and holistic approaches lead to longer lasting, sustainable, positive health changes and for this reason I see more people turning towards these alternatives for help with chronic illness. I trust this industry will only grow overtime with so many seeing great results.


What’s your best life hack?

Breathe. Remind yourself 3-5 times during the day to slow down and take in 3 long slow breaths. Notice how your belly expands with your lungs, feel the energy and clarity it brings and use your exhale to let go of anything that may be weighing you down. We are all living such busy lives, don’t forget to breathe, be present and enjoy this one beautiful life.


If you’re ready to start your journey towards health and wellness, click here to work with Britany.  

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