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Read the books on our bookshelf. Each book has been personally recommended, to bring inspiration, information and wisdom for the mind, body and spirit.

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Health

By: Mark Bunn
Rediscover the Simple, Timeless Secrets of Health and Happiness
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The Body Keeps the Score

By: Bessel Van Der Kolk
A pioneering researcher transforms our understanding of trauma and offers a bold new paradigm for healing in this New York Times bestseller.
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A Return To Love

By: Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson shares her reflections on "A Course in Miracles" and her insights on the application of love in the search for inner peace in the New York Times bestseller.
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Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine

By: Dr Josh Axe, Jordan Rubin & Ty Bollinger
Transform your health with the Power of Essential Oils. Discover the health benefits of the top 50 essential oils and how to use them.
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Eat Dirt

By: Dr Josh Axe
Why Leaky Gut May be the Root Cause of Your Health Problems and 5 Surprising Steps to Cure it.
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Miracles Now

By: Gabrielle Bernstein
New York Times Best Selling Author, Gabrielle Bernstein, gives readers 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose.
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The Gift

By: Mia Dolan
The story of an ordinary woman's extraordinary power. In The Gift, Mia Dolan describes how her psychic ability developed.
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You Are the Placebo

By: Dr Joe Dispenza
Making Your Mind Matter. This book offers the necessary understandings to change old beliefs and perceptions into new.
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Rushing Woman’s Syndrome

By: Dr Libby Weaver
Nutritional biochemist Dr Libby Weaver explains the true cost of constantly rushing and the impact this can have on our health.
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Man’s Search For Meaning

By: Viktor E Frankl
The classic tribute for hope for the Holocaust.
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Daring Greatly

By: Brené Brown
A transformative new vision for the way we lead, love, work, parent, and educate that teaches us the power of vulnerability.
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The Power of Now

By: Eckhart Tolle
A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
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A New Earth

By: Eckhart Tolle
Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
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The Artist’s Way

By: Julia Cameron
This international bestseller has inspired millions to overcome the limiting beliefs and fears that inhibit the creative process.
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The Four Agreements

By: Don Miguel Ruiz
A practical guide to personal freedom. Over seven years on the New York Times Best Seller List!
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The 5 Love Languages

By: Gary D. Chapman
Falling in love is easy. Staying in love—that’s the challenge!
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