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Vikki Borissow Everything Alternative

Meet the Boss

Vikki Borissow
Founder & Director
Everything Alternative

Vikki is a certified Energy Psychology practitioner,  Wellness Coach, and the Founder and Director of Australia's Natural Health and Wellness information hub, Everything Alternative.

Vikki’s love for simple natural ways to heal, relieve and recover, has been her passion for over 20 years.

Her mission is to demystify Natural Healing Products, Home Remedies and Quirky Therapies. And offer alternative solutions to common everyday-problems.

About Everything Alternative

The team at Everything Alternative make "weird and alternative healing" understandable, and keep it practical, without completely dismissing modern medicine – because both are very important. 

If you're looking for a healthier, happier more vibrant life, and you're rebellious enough to try something natural and less main-stream... look no further. What you discover at Everything Alternative could actually change your life!

We give you the information and the confidence to take the next step using alternative health therapies, home fix remedies or even DIY wellness.

Vikki says, “To live your best life, you just need a few tips on how to ditch your stress, pain and anxiety, and reconnect with your mind, body and soul”. 

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