Tibetan Design Essential Oil Diffuser

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This is our coolest Essential Oil diffuser - it's like the Snoop Dog of diffusers.
The Tibetan metal design, is a pimped up piece of decor for any room. You don't want a boring diffuser, you want a diffuser that's totally chilled and says "Hey man, I got you!" as it blows a Lavender mist in your direction. 

2 different colours to choose from.
Dimensions: 19.3 x 11.4cm

260ml capacity
7 different LED light colours
Multiple mist modes
Auto cut-off when the water is low (stops burn-out!)

Need some tips on which oils to get, after you buy this diffuser:
Feeling stressed out? Chamomile and/or Lavender 
Need to focus and get shit done? Frankinsense and/or Rosemary
Feeling sluggish and need a boost? Peppermint and/or Lemon